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Susan Frauenglass Swierc, PhD

Susan Frauenglass Swierc, PhD is a psychologist who works with children, adolescents, families, and adults, providing tools to reduce symptoms of emotional distress, improve coping skills and support healthy development and adjustment. 


Her clinical work encompasses treatments for emotional difficulties (depression, anxiety, panic, OCD, Bipolar), behavioral difficulties (ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and behavior problems), developmental & Learning difficulties (Asperger’s, learning disorders, motor-sensory delays), traumatic experiences (PTSD, recovery from illness &/or loss, child maltreatment issues), adjustment issues (handling divorce, peer conflicts, family issues &/or school/work problems), behavioral medicine (Pediatric Psychology) to address adjustment to illness, and psychological assessments.


Dr. Susan offers specialized services for youth with medical complications (chronic or acute) to improve health through the support of mental-emotional tools.  Problems addressed include: treatment compliance, pain management, feeding issues, medical procedure preparation, elimination disorders, obesity, and stress-related problems such as headache, abdominal pain or sleep disturbance.  Dr. Susan, is on staff at both Missoula hospitals to provide in-patient psychological services, and participates on several Pediatric Specialty Clinic teams, working with state-funded programs for chronic illness.


Dr. Susan also provides psychological assessments for young children (evaluations for 2 ½ to 12 year olds).  Assessments may be done as consultation only, or in combination with treatment. 


The services available include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mind-body therapies, and empirically-supported treatments (ESTs) such as exposure and desensitization for anxiety and OCD.  Treatments are typically coordinated with other providers, including physicians, psychiatrists, teachers, and occupational, speech and physical therapists, as well as with other family members as appropriate.


Dr. Swierc grew up in New Mexico, then did her education and training in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida and Illinois, before settling in Missoula to enjoy this wonderful Montana lifestyle.  She continues to pursue her passion for skiing and other outdoor activities, as well as art and music.  Her goal is for each client to find their passion and joy in life, with greater freedom from the psychological difficulties that are obstacles to health and positive adjustment.